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Issue 30 (2018/8)

Walking in Fog

With 15 articles, including:

  • Walking in Fog – Creating Order out of Disorder Carole Osterweil
  • Customized Executive Education with ImpactA Conversation with Dr Markus Frank, Director and Head of Customized Learning at the Executive School, University of St. Gallen
  • Tipping Point – A Time for New LeadershipIlona Haaijer, Dave Tullett and Andrew White
  • Leadership Journeys – Jeff BezosBob Rosen, Healthy Companies
  • Creating a Global Champion- Traton Group with IESE and HEC ParisTom Nash
  • Plus 10 more…
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Issue 29 (2018/2)

Leading through digital overload

With 12 articles, including:

  • Digital Overload – A Leadership Challenge: Peter Thomson, Future Work Forum
  • Ideabanks – Networking For Choice: Prof Sheena Iyengar, Columbia Business School
  • Sorting Out An Emotional Muddle – Insights for Neuroscience On The Organizational Value of Emotions: Prof Paul Brown and Dr Theresa Dzendrowskyj
  • Fostering Humanity, Creativity and Purpose – Airbus Leadership University: Roddy Millar
  • Plus eight more…
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Issue 28 (2018/1)

Listen, Collaborate, Innovate and the Leadership of Jazz

With 13 articles, including:

  • 4 Leadership Lessons from Jazz – Using Shared Leadership, Collaboration and Improvization: Grant Ackerman, Columbia Business School
  • Accidental Leadership – Addressing the UK Leadership Crisis: Roger Delves, Ashridge Executive Education
  • Playing the Digital Transformation Game – Leading Digital Innovation with Design to Transform Your Organization: Joseph Press, Center for Creative Leadership
  • Creative Leadership at Bertelsman Dan Lentell
  • Plus nine more…
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Issue 27 (2017/3)

From Apprenticeship to Mastership

With 11 articles, including:

  • The Apprenticeship Levy and the Future for Corporate Learning in the UK
  • Distinctive, Different and Definitely Not Vanilla – Building a Defining Identity for Tomorrow’s Business School: Andrew Crisp, Carrington Crisp
  • A Century of Champions and Unicorns – Established Players and Start-ups, Innovation, Execution and Fighting Buraucracy: Christian Stadler, Warwick Business School
  • The Unexpected Lessons of Music City – Chubb Insurance and Owen Graduate School, Vanderbilt University: Chris Murray
  • Plus seven more…
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Issue 26 (2017/2)

Changing Mindsets in Organizations

With 9 articles, including:

  • Changing Mindsets in Organizations One Brain at a Time Laurence Knell and Prof Shane O’Mara, Trinity College Dublin
  • Leadersmithing – An Apprenticeship Approach to Leadership Development Eve Poole, Ashridge Executive Education
  • Leading the Aligned Enterprise – Releasing Energy to Fulfil Corporate Purpose Prof Jonathan Trevor and Dr Barry Varcoe, Oxford Saïd Business School
  • Helping Leaders Do Leadership in an Uncertain World Prof David Denyer and Prof Kim Turnbull; James, Cranfield School of Management
  • Plus five more…
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Issue 25 (2017/1)

Human Excellence in the Smart Machine Age

With 9 articles, including:

  • Human Excellence in the Smart Machine Age – The Power of Human Emotions: Prof Ed Hess, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia
  • When Sleep is a Leadership Issue Prof Vicki Culpin, Ashridge Executive Education
  • Relational Capital for Performance and Well-being Tim Young, Relational Research Ltd
  • Heading into the Cloud – Microsoft and INSEAD Chris Murray
  • Plus five more…
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Issue 24 (2016/3)

Unleashing the Full Potential of Women Leaders

With 12 articles, including:

  • Unleashing the Full Potential of Women Leaders – Trends in Women’s Leadership Development Iris Newalu, Smith College, Mass. USA
  • Enabling Leaders’ Energy Management Mark McCartney
  • The Continuing Trouble with Executive Development Provision
  • Measuring the Impact of Executive Development – Tracking Individual and Organizational Outcomes Back in the Workplace Guy Gumbrell, Terry Clark and Tally Attwood-Smith of Imperial College Business School, London
  • Plus eight more…
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Issue 23 (2016/2)

From Innovation Graveyard to Innovation Hotbed

With 11 articles, including:

  • From Innovation Graveyard to Innovation Hotbed – How Innovation Gets Stuck in the Middle David Magellan Horth and Jonathan Vehar, Center for Creative Leadership
  • Horse Leadership – Using Horses to Highlight Our Leadership Abilities Rajiv Ball (McKinsey & Co), Nana Notthoff (Humboldt University, Berlin) and Whitney Hischier (Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley)
  • Brainwash – Innovation Starts in the Mind Prof Gerald Huether, University of Göttingen
  • A Human Approach to Retail at Pirch Roddy Millar
  • Plus seven more…
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Issue 22 (2016/1)

Corporate Governance, Managing Risk and Bridging the Values Gap

With 11 articles, including:

  • The Role of the Board in Organizational Change Prof Patricia Klarner (University of Munich), Prof Gilbert Probst (World Economic Forum) and Prof Michael Useem (Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania)
  • People as Brands, Brands as People – Implications for Leaders from the Brain and Behavioural Sciences Prof Shane O’Mara (Experimental Brain Research, Trinity College Dublin) and Aoife Lyons (Alltech Inc)
  • Mindful Exclusion – Excluding with the Whole in Mind Justine Lutterodt (Centre for Synchronous Leadership)
  • In Search of the ‘Next’ Leader – ‘Nextsensing’ to Frame a Future State for the Firm Prof Joseph Pistrui, IE Business School
  • Plus seven more….
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Issue 21 (2015/4)

Values, Spirituality & Organizational Culture

With 12 articles, including:

  • Values, Spirituality and Organizational Culture – The Challenges of Leadership in Tomorrowland Prof Simon L Dolan, ESADE School of Business
  • The Five Dimensions of Global Leadership Dr Linda Sharkey
  • Same Solar System, Different Orbits – Opportunities and Challenges in Executive Education and Corporate University Partnerships Marie Eitner, Jim Pulcrano, Jenny Stine and Toby Woll, UNICON
  • Sandhurst and Seven Principles of Leadership Development Ian Stewart, Kaplan Professional Development
  • Plus eight more…
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Issue 20 (2015/3)

Blended and Action Learning Investigated

With 11 articles, including:

  • Rethinking Blended Learning for Leadership Development Giuseppe Auricchio, IESE with Roddy Millar
  • Why MOOCs and Executives Don’t Mix Paul Hunter, IMD Business School
  • Training the Guardians – Barclays Bank and Cambridge Judge Business School Dan Lentell
  • Designing Better Leadership Programs – Addressing the 70% Through Action Learning Jean-Anne Stewart, Henley Business School
  • Plus eight more…
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Issue 19 (2015/2)

Creating Shaping Game Strategies

With 11 articles, including:

  • Shaping the Game – A Bigger Role for Leadership Development Dr Jens Maier, St Gallen Executive Education
  • Developing Leadership Through Play Alison James, London College of Fashion
  • Re-shaping the Future of Work – How to Adapt to Global Megatrends Chris Watkin
  • CEO Powers Step-Up Culture at BHP Billiton Dan Lentell
  • Plus seven more…
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Issue 18 (2015/1)

The Psychology of Managing Trust

With 11 articles, including:

  • The Psychology of Managing Trust Dr Richard Kwiatkowski, Cranfield School of Management
  • Resolving Risky Leadership Dilemmas – How Character Profiling Can Help: Jamie MacAlister, Ashridge Business School
  • Life at the Centre of the Arena – Coaching the CEO Jock Encombe
  • A Deeper Perspective on the Millennial Management Challenge Tyler Waye, University of Alberta Business School
  • Plus seven more…
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Issue 17 (2014/4)

Cultivating Collective Leadership

With 10 articles, including:

  • Collective Leadership Strategy – An Agenda for Organizational Culture Change David Dinwoodie, Regina Eckert, Paul Gallante and Michael West, Center for Creative Leadership
  • Two to Tango: Seeking a Gender Balanced Organization at Nestle and Rio Tinto
  • Designed to Lead? Advancing Evidence-based Design of Transformative Leadership Journeys Dr Michael D Fischer (Melbourne Business School) and Andrew White (Oxford Saïd Business School)
  • Building Social Capital for Leaders – The Importance of Trusting and Diverse Networks Yoshie Tomozumi Nakamura (Columbia Business School), Prof Jody Barto (Farleigh Dickinson University) and Prof Lyle Yorks, (Columbia Business School)
  • Plus six more….
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Issue 16 (2014/3)

Opportunity Out of Failure and Conflict

With 11 articles, including:

  • The Phoenix of Conflict A Conversation with Charles Irvine
  • Leadership Sustainability – From Good Intentions to Lasting Improvement Prof Dave Ulrich (Ross School of Business, University of Chicago) and Norm Smallwood (RBL Group)
  • Winning Failure – Turning Error into Opportunity Orit Wolf
  • Corporate Universities – What’s New? Deloitte and PEMEX
  • Plus seven more…
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Issue 15 (2014/2)

The Importance of Conversations

With 11 articles, including:

  • The Strategic Importance of Conversations Dik Veenman and David Cannon
  • Extending the Impact of Coaching in Organizations Dr Patricia Bossons, Henley Business School
  • Nomadic Learning – Driving Innovative and Trendsetting Organizations An Kramer, DeBaak
  • An Executive Development Journey to Vietnam – Aston Business School and Da Nang University’s Leadership Program Terry Hodgetts, Aston Business School
  • Plus seven more…
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Issue 14 (2014/1)

New Leaders for a Complex World

With 11 articles, including:

  • Pay Attention to Change – Lessons from Neuroscience Prof Paul Brown, Dr Tara Swart and Kitty Chisholm
  • Global Leadership for Greater Good – The World Economic Forum Fellow’s Program and Tri-Sector Collaboration
  • Design for Learning – Some Principles of Program Design in Executive Education Dr Jules Goddard, London Business School
  • The Naked Leaders – 70:20:10 the Challenge of the 70% Ita Dureke and Catherine Berney, Mannaz Consultants
  • Plus seven more…
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Issue 13 (2013/4)

Alignment, Capability, Autonomy

With 11 articles, including:

  • Alignment, Capability and Autonomy – Leadership Challenges at the Clipper Roung-the-World Race Trudi West (Ashridge Business School) with Roddy Millar
  • The Inner World of Leaders – Why Metaphors for Leadership Matter Heather Cairns-Lee
  • Below the Leadership Surface – Mastering Narcissism and Emotional Turmoil Dr Mathias Lohmer and Dr Martin Engelberg
  • Why is the Soft Stuff So Hard? Kitty Chisholm
  • Plus seven more…
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Issue 12 (2013/3)

Inspiring Innovation and Conditions for Creativity

With 11 articles, including:

  • Beyond Innovation – Creating Conditions for Creativity Prof Carol Becker, Columbia University School of the Arts
  • Leading with Wisdom – Leades Who Create Purpose and Meaning at Work Prasad Kaipa
  • Good Leaders Learn Prof Gerard Seijts and Prof Jeffrey Gandz, Ivey Business School, University of Western Ontario
  • Understanding Emotions – The Basis of Leadership in the 21st Century Prof Paul Brown, Kitty Chisholm and Dr Tara Swart
  • Plus seven more…
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Issue 11 (2013/2)

The Companies that Grow Their Own

With 11 articles, including:

  • How Top Companies Develop Their Leaders Erin Burns and Bob Gandossy, RBL Group
  • Leadership – A Perfect Storm Prof Paddy Miller, IESE
  • Social Networks that Improve Performance at Work Yoshie Nakamura, Columbia Business School
  • Seeing, Being, Doing: New Ways to Develop Leaders Nigel Nicholson, London Business School
  • Plus seven more…
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Issue 10 (2013/1)

Global CEOs Program

With 14 articles, including:

  • Character: The Essence of Leadership – 10 Character Virtues of a Good Leader Prof Mary Crossan, Prof Jeffrey Gandz, Prof Gerard Seijts and Mark Reno, Ivey Business School
  • Winning with Expert Leaders – Business Knowledge vs Management Intelligence Dr Amanda Goodall, Cass Business School
  • Neurobiology of Leadership Prof Paul Brown and Dr Tara Swart
  • All In It Together: IESE/Wharton/CEIBS – Global CEO Program Tom Nash
  • Plus ten more…
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Issue 9 (2012/4)

Building Towers of Babel

With 11 articles, including:

  • The Colourful and Diverse World of Corporate Universities Dr Roland Deiser, Center of Future of Work
  • Developing Transformation Leadership Capacity Dr Jonathan Trevor and Richard Hill, Cambridge Judge Business School
  • The Challenge of Choosing the Right Chief Executive Chris Watkin, Hay Consulting
  • Strategy and Leadership in Harmony at Lonza AG and St Gallen Roddy Millar
  • Plus seven more…
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Issue 8 (2012/3)

Bridging the Leadership Governance Gap

With 12 articles, including:

  • Addressing the Governance Gap – Organizational Democracy and Moral Communities David Butcher and Martin Clarke, Cranfield School of Management
  • The Leadership Credo – A Social Contract for Change Prof William Klepper and Yoshie Tomozumi Nakamura, Columbia Business School
  • Savoir-Relier – A Leadership Vision for a Complex World Dr Valerie Gauthier, HEC Paris
  • The Neuroscience of Trust – A Key to Leadership Prof Paul Brown and Susanne Jacobs
  • Visual Meaning as a Leadership Tool Julian Burton
  • Plus seven more…
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Issue 7 (2012/2)

Evaluation and the Financial Value of Leadership

With 12 articles, including:

  • Positive Deviance – A New Kind of Leadership Dr Richard Pascale, Oxford Saïd Business School
  • The Financial Value of Great Leadership – Research from Deloitte Roddy Millar
  • Leveraging Diversity – Integrative Thinking in Cross-Functional Teams Dr Jennifer Riel, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto
  • A Psycho-Spiritual Approach to Leadership Development Dr Karin Jironet and Harry Stein, DeBaak.
  • Plus eight more…
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Issue 6 (2012/1)

Leaders for the Future: Nurturing Generation Y

With 12 articles, including:

  • Global Leaders for Tomorrow – World Economic Forum (WEF) Fellowship Program
  • Introverted Leaders – the Right Mentors for Millennials Jennifer Kahnweiler
  • Taking a Team to the Top – the K2 Leadership Challenge Valenti Giro and Alfred Vernis, ESADE Business School
  • Generation Y – Attitude and Talent at Work Gina Eckert, Center for Creative Leadership
  • Question Time Michael Portillo talks to Tom Nash
  • Plus seven more…
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Issue 5 (2011/3)

New Perspectives on Leadership

With 10 articles, including:

  • Liberating Leadership – Creating a Freedom and Responsibility Based Organization Prof Isaac Getz, ESCP Europe
  • Learning Environments – Innovative Workspaces for the 21st Century Garrick Jones
  • Time for a Rethink? – New Pathways for Executive Development Linda Aspey
  • Talent – The Holy Grail Within Ian Chisholm, Bradley Chisholm and Mark Bell
  • Plus six more…
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Issue 4 (2013/2)

Exploring the Executive Education Eco-system

With 10 articles, including:

  • Exploring the Executive Education Eco-system – a review of the LBS and BCG report Peter Chadwick and Roddy Millar, Developing Leaders
  • From Leadership Point of View to Personal Brand Prof Dave Ulrich (Ross School of Business, University of Michigan) and Norm Smallwood (RBL Group)
  • Midlife Leaders: Crisis or Opportunity? Jock Encombe
  • Integrative Thinking – A Key to Successful Leadership Prof Roger Martin, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto
  • Plus six more…
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Issue 3 (2013/1)

Leadership – Is it in the Genes?

With 11 articles, including:

  • Leadership – Is it in the Genes? Prof Richard Arvey, National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • Female Leadership – What Do Dante and Female Leaders Have in Common? Karin Jironet, DeBaak
  • Growing the Chairman’s Value – The Emerging New Role of the Top Leader Prof Ulf Lindgren, INSEAD
  • Building a Sustainable Business Culture Ramon Arratia
  • Plus seven more…
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Issue 2 (2012/2)

Strategy, Value, Risk

With 8 articles, including:

  • Out of the Abyss – RBS Leadership Development Program
  • Theory U – Leading from the Future as it Emerges Prof Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer, MIT and Presencing Institute
  • Leading Through Others – Empirical Research on What Makes an Outstanding Leader Penny Tamkin
  • Orchestrating Winning Performance – Executive Development at IMD
  • Plus four more…
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Issue 1 (2012/1)

Eastern Promise

With 12 articles, including:

  • Looking at Leaders – A Plea for Realism in the Ivory Tower Prof Tim Morris, Oxford Saïd Business School
  • New Learning for New World Mark Pegg, Ashridge Business School
  • Enduring Culture of Leaders – The Story of Three Hotel Founders Alan Cutler
  • The Role of Personal Enquiry in Leadership Deveopment – Building Integrity, Credibility and Sustainability in Your Organization Dr Eddie Blass and Prof Keith Randle, University of Hertfordshire.
  • Plus eight more…
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