From Apprenticeship
to Mastership

As Jean-François Manzoni, the President of IMD, notes in his interview in this issue “continuous learning throughout your life is the fundamental pillar of effectiveness in the world we live in”. This recurring theme, that to survive let alone prosper in today’s high-speed world requires an open and enquiring mind that is forever being trained and retrained, is really the central key to unlocking the productivity challenge that so many economies are currently facing.

The issue also includes a guide to the Apprenticeship Levy, Andrew Crisp discusses how business schools can create distinct identities to help make them stand out in a sometimes quite homogenous crowd and Christian Stadler of Warwick Business School shares his research comparing successful well-established businesses and their start-up competitors – and discovering three valuable and perhaps unexpected commonalities.

Key Articles

Learning with Individual and Organizational Impact
A conversation with Professor Jean-François Manzoni, President IMD

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A Century of Champions and Unicorns
Innovation execution and fighting bureaucracy – differences and commonalities between start-ups and established players

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5 Learning with Individual and Organizational Impact
A Conversation with Professor Jean-François Manzoni, President IMD

12 A Century of Champions and Unicorns

18 Creating Dynamic Learning Encounters
A Conversation with VanDyck Silveira, CEO

of the FT|IE Corporate Learning Alliance

Executive Education

23 The Apprenticeship Levy and the Future for Corporate Learning in the UK

30 Distinctive, Different and Definitely Not Vanilla

31 Leadership Journeys Vince Roche

42 Leadership Research Data Focus

Corporate Practice

44 The Unexpected Lessons of Music City USA Chubb Insurance and Owen Graduate School of Management, Vanderbilt University

52 Creating Harmony in a Complex Organization
AARP and McDonough School of Business, Georgetown University

Practitioner Insights

57 Learning Ecosystems and the Power of Collaboration An Interview with Katharine Lange, Executive Director, Singapore Management University - ExD

63 The Future is Here An Interview with Eric Johnson, Dean of Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Management

Exec Ed Up Date

70 Book Reviews

73 Directory

76 Exec Ed News