Sustainable Business &
Responsible Leadership

An increasingly loud drumbeat we are hearing on corporate leadership is the role of responsible leadership and sustainable business. UBC Sauder, the Vancouver-based business school is at the forefront of both research and ‘walking the talk’ on these topics, as our article and interview make clear. Also in this issue, Matt Gitsham, Director of the Ashridge Centre for Business and Sustainability, expands on how CEOs in particularly are being both driven and driving themselves to lead their businesses to more sustainable processes, not just out of altruism but as good business sense too. This is a conversation we will return to frequently – as it is clearly, like digital – just the beginning of a new set of journeys.

Key Articles

Sustainable Business and Responsible Leadership
A Conversation with Professor James Tansey and Dr Justin Bull of UBC Sauder School of Business          

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A Very Different Future for Executive Education
Andrew Crisp examines future demographic and economic changes and its implications for business schools, and specifically executive education and corporate learning.

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CEO Activism and Its Implications for Executive Development
From Nike to Unilever, CEOs are increasingly speaking out on social and environmental issues. To do this well leaders need to develop special skills to avoid the many pitfalls.

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5 Sustainable Business and Responsible Leadership

14 A Flexible Approach to Work

21 Data or Disney: Keeping Organizations Human

29 Risk and Permission


35 A Very Different Future for Executive Education

41 CEO Activism and Its Implications for Executive Development

53 Developing People and Architecting Culture Change A Conversation with David Dinwoddie

63 How Blockchain Benefits Business

70 Leadership Research Data Focus


72 Digital Barbarians at the Gate

80 Developing High Flyers at Emirates


88 Book Reviews

86 Directory

90 What’s New on IEDP.Com


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