Creating Human-Friendly Organizations 

Two parallel forces are set to define business leadership through the 2020s. First, managing business for the greater good of society and the planet, addressing climate change and ensuring parts of society are not left behind. And secondly, adapting to an era dominated by AI, machine learning and quantum computing. In this issue we look at the fundamental requirement organizations need to face these challenges of the new decade: the need for people-centred leadership that puts human values at the core of its purpose.

Key Articles

Creating Human-Friendly Organizations
Good leaders see that core human needs must be addressed

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‘Eco’, ‘Ego’ and ‘Intuitive’ Leadership
A new leadership code for the 21st century

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Developing Mindsets for Enabling Organizational Change
Transitioning from functional thinking to a broader leadership perspective

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Creating Human-Friendly Organizations

The Role of Likeability in Leadership
Karen Cates in Conversation

Eco’, ‘Ego’ and ‘Intuitive’ Leadership

Executive Presence

Lead as a Host not a Hero


Resilience from Ocean to Organizations

Purpose, Common Goals and Positive Intent

Design Thinking Complex Problems
Jennifer Hehn and Rachel Brooks in Conversation

Developing Mindsets for Enabling Organizational Change Robert Hooijberg in Conversation

Leadership Research Data Focus


Fintech in Large Organizations
Daniel Liebau in Conversation


Book Reviews

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