How the Pandemic Will Impact Exec Ed

In the January issue of Developing Leaders we highlighted two parallel forces set to define business leadership through the 2020s – socio-environmental concerns and the rise of artificial intelligence. The Covid-19 crisis and its aftermath provide a third – at least for the first half of the decade. In this issue we consider the leadership qualities needed to adapt, survive and then thrive in this uncertain and difficult time. We also focus on the profound effect of the crisis on the way corporate learning is being delivered and will be in the future.

Key Articles

The Covid-19 Crisis and Its Impact on the Executive Education Sector
A UNICON roundtable considers what the future holds for exec ed

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Ethical Decision Making in a Crisis
Facing a potential global depression it is timely to consider the importance of ethical leadership

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The Science of Stress
New insights on stress and its impact on performance

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The Covid-19 Crisis and Its Impact on the Executive Education Sector

A Leadership Stimulus Package

The Science of Stress Rakesh

Strategies and Tactics for Complex Negotiations

Bringing Human Experience and Domain Expertise to Data Analytics

The Human Organization

Ethical Decision Making in a Crisis

Kind, Calm, and Safe Leading in a Time of Covid-19


Deeper, More Resilient Learning

Leadership Research Data

No More Business as Usual

The Purpose of Answers Oxford’s Educational Approach

Attention, Energy, and Momentum


Book Reviews

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