Viewpoint 18 | Developing Leaders Issue 27: 2017 “The nice thing about working with journalists is that they are impervious to being liked or disliked. Faculty like to be liked, but journalists don’t give a damn – in fact if they are disliked but regarded as brilliant it is even better.” V anDyck Silveira, the CEO of the FT|IE Corporate Learning Alliance is excited by the new edge that working with the Financial Times experts brings to the learning offer his organization now brings to clients around the world – and sees their perspective and provocations as central to creating dynamic learning encounters. The collaboration between the FT and IE Business School’s custom executive education department raised a few sceptical eyebrows from the big schools when it was launched in 2015, but now into its third year it is rapidly building out its new approach to corporate learning, that mixes traditional professor led teaching, plenty of experiential and action learning activities, a lot of supportive online technology – much of it ground-breaking itself – and the vigour of journalist input. Creating Dynamic Learning Encounters A Conversation with VanDyck Silveira, CEO of the FT|IE Corporate Learning Alliance By Roddy Millar