Executive DEVELOPMENT Developing Leaders Issue 27: 2017 | 37 A t a time when many of the world’s largest companies were looking outside to fill the top job, Vince Roche bucked the trend when he was appointed CEO of Analog Devices (ADI) in May of 2013. The decision of ADI’s Board of Directors makes perfect sense when you consider Roche’s 25-year career path at ADI – a path that gave him a deep understanding of the Company’s challenges and opportunities through a diversity of roles and experiences. That comprehensive understanding of the organization combined with an insightful intuition for the direction and speed of market and technology evolution – as well as the vision for how ADI must respond to take greatest advantage of those trends – made Roche the ideal candidate to lead the firm’s transformation. Roche describes that transformation as the “third wave of [ADI’s] evolution, where we are combining many products and technologies and leveraging our larger ecosystem to solve larger, more complex problems for our customers – while staying true to our heritage.” That transformation has required some fundamental changes at ADI, ranging from organization structure, new capability development, leveraging the balance sheet, to retooling the strategy and leadership of the company – changes that Roche has unflinchingly pursued during his tenure. Beyond the deep technical and business expertise that the job of CEO demands, Roche has cultivated an appreciation for operating in the face of change and disruption: “If you’re conscious of the fact that the world is constantly changing, and that reality can be Leadership Journeys Vince Roche: Sensing and Adapting for the Future By Bob Rosen