4 | Developing Leaders Issue 27: 2017 8 Insights from thought leaders and senior practitioners 8 News on the global executive development sector 8 Profiles of the world’s leading providers of executive development 8 Detailed descriptions of several thousand open programs 8 Overview of custom programs and research at 50+ institutions Visit for trusted information on leadership development is published by IEDP Editor’s Letter Welcome to Developing Leaders from IEDP As Jean-François Manzoni, the President of IMD, notes in his interview in this issue “continuous learning throughout your life is the fundamental pillar of effectiveness in the world we live in”. This recurring theme, that to survive let alone prosper in today’s high-speed world requires an open and enquiring mind that is forever being trained and retrained, is really the central key to unlocking the productivity challenge that so many economies are currently facing. The UK lags further behind on the productivity curve than most of its major competitors, and this has been a source of concern to the UK government for some decades. Earlier this year the beginning of a solution emerged with the government introducing a charge on businesses to be spent on workforce development – the Apprenticeship Levy. The structure of the New World of Apprenticeships is now known, but little understood and we present here a guide to what it looks like – and what we see as its likely evolution going forward, and the impact that will have for executive education providers in the UK. Looking further afield Andrew Crisp discusses how business schools can create distinct identities to help make them stand out in a sometimes quite homogenous crowd. Christian Stadler of Warwick Business School shares his research comparing successful well- established businesses and their start-up competitors – and discovering three valuable and perhaps unexpected commonalities. And we offer two custom program case studies. We also add a new section to the magazine: Practitioner Insights, where we highlight the thinking of leading learning practitioners at the cutting-edge of the industry. As ever we welcome your feedback and comments. Please let me know of any interesting insights, stories or programs that you have encountered or delivered at Roderick Millar | Editor Developing Leaders