Viewpoint Developing Leaders Issue 27: 2017 | 5 A n international executive educator, focused on leadership, the management of change and the development of high performance organizations, Jean-François Manzoni comes to his new role as President of IMD, one of Europe’s foremost business schools, with considerable depth and experience to draw on. Considering the current business landscape and the recent rise in anti-globalization and nationalist rhetoric, Manzoni says growing public distrust is not new. The symptoms have been building over many years. He recalls telling EU parliamentarians, ten years ago, “Be careful not to lose the European dream.” When there is distrust of business and political elites and when economic conditions are tough and people lack hope, it is vital to be positive. “Look, you’ve gotta sell,” he advised the EU, telling them to remind people why the EU was created and what it had achieved. Learning with Individual and Organizational Impact A conversation with Professor Jean-François Manzoni, President IMD By Peter Chadwick