76 | Developing Leaders Issue 27: 2017 Exec Ed Update Exec-ed News VIEWPOINT: Best Practice Online Learning Business schools are not only helping their clients manage digital transformation, they are also involved in their own transformation as technology makes it possible to move the learning experience out of the classroom and onto the internet and opens up a new era of possibility for corporate learning. 18 th September, 2017 VIEWPOINT: Giving Meaning at Work Bertrand Moingeon, Professor of Strategic Management at HEC Paris, explains that giving meaning is a priority issue for not just companies, but for all sorts of organization, such as NGOs, political parties and sporting associations, as well. Many leaders deplore excessive turnover, particularly among young people. In their view, the cause is linked to the absence of loyalty, even unfaithfulness, of Generation Y. 14 th September, 2017 VIEWPOINT: Developing More Responsible Leaders We stand on a cusp. People all over the world are looking to business for leadership that might help to address many of our major social problems. Business leaders can either step up to the mark or retreat into self-interest using the old and discredited mantra of ‘maxmising shareholder value’. Dr Karen Blakeley, Head of the Centre for Responsible Management at Winchester University. 11 th September, 2017 VIEWPOINT: 6 Drivers of Brand Desire Desire is the philosopher’s stone of brands. If companies can create true desirability for their brands, customers will not only be loyal, they will also act as brand champions. In his latest book, Brand Desire, ESADE Associate Professor Oriol Iglesias and his colleague Nicholas Ind from the Oslo School of Management reveal the 6 drivers that make people desire brands. 8 th September, 2017 PROGRAM NEWS: Leading Innovation and Entrepreneurship Innovation and entrepreneurship are the lifeblood of any successful enterprise. In today’s complex business world the key is not finding individual creative geniuses but the creation of innovative entrepreneurial organizational cultures, and the key to this is leadership. HEC Paris, a thriving centre of innovation and entrepreneurship itself, is launching a new online executive masters’ degree to develop future leaders of innovation and entrepreneurship. 6 th September, 2017 leading-innovation-and-entrepreneurship/ WEBINAR: Women’s Leadership Roadblocks Kimberly Pace is Professor for the Practice of Communication at Vanderbilt University Owen Graduate School of Management presents on this perennial issue in managing diverse organizations that affects 100% of employees – not just women. A link to the recording provided. 4 th September, 2017 RESEARCH: Easing Faultlines At The Top New research from St Gallen explores how the multiple complex challenges companies face it is common for top management teams to develop around distinct diverse subgroups based on specialist knowledge and expertise. On the one hand, this knowledge-based diversity can stimulate innovation and learning, but on the other hand it can result in factions between team members, generating knowledge fragmentation that impairs team functioning and results in low performance. 30 th August, 2017 RESEARCH: Leadership Attribution Robin Martin, professor of organizational psychology at Alliance Manchester Business School, has been exploring the attitudes of followers and how they impact the ability of leaders. “The problem is that followers are not passive” says Prof Martin, “they have their own thoughts, feelings and behaviours too.” 28 th August, 2017 VIEWPOINT: Nicolas Lemoine is Executive Director of Custom Programs , HEC Paris discusses how the current political climate exemplifies the challenges of moving into leadership roles, and gives six tips to remember when doing so. 27 th August, 2017 PROGRAM NEWS: Executive Learning in the Cloud Being able to interact and share learning with peers from other organizations is one of the key benefits of the traditional campus based executive education program. But logistics, geography, and time constraints sometimes make the traditional campus based program unrealistic, and this is particularly the case when an enterprise is looking to involve a large group in an executive program. 21 st August, 2017 BOOK REVIEW: Leadership with Purpose In a post- command-and-control management era, the source of shareholder value is the energy and motivation of a company’s employees and the positive engagement of all of its stakeholders.