Developing Leaders Issue 27: 2017 | 77 Exec Ed Update In his new book ‘People with Purpose’ Kevin Murray shows how purpose can be used to inspire leadership, motivation and engagement and ultimately to create shareholder value. 16 th August, 2017 RESEARCH: Trash-Talking in Business Research from Wharton and Georgetown:While there have been the numerous advances in workplace behaviour over the past decades – an increased focus on ethical behaviour, diversity, and respect across hierarchies – common civility seems to be in decline. This is partly societal, reflecting both our less deferential attitudes towards others and other cultural factors, however in business there appears to have been a conscious trend towards applying incivility, in the form of ‘trash-talking’, to gain competitive edge. 15 th August, 2017 PROGRAM NEWS: Being an Enterprise Executive One of the benefits of managing in a ‘start-up’ is that the business model, the competitive environment, and the company’s ultimate objectives are crystal clear. For executives in complex established organizations understanding the business ‘in the round’ is not always so easy – but it is key to becoming an ‘enterprise executive’. 14 th August, 2017 RESEARCH: Quantitative Intuitive Decision-Making Oded Netzer, Professor of Business at Columbia Business School, writes “At the heart of good decision making in today’s fast and complex environment is the ability to see how things fit together – and perhaps more crucially, spot when things do not have a good or logical fit – quickly and effectively, and leverage these connections to derive insights and make prompt data-driven decisions.” 7 th August, 2017 RESEARCH: Barriers to Corporate Governance Research from ESADE Business School and others: We live in a blame culture. Every time a corporate scandal erupts we look for someone or some people to blame. What was the board of directors doing? They must be incompetent or negligent. Or were they not incentivized to do the job properly? In fact, in most cases, board failures are not due to lack of motivation or competence of the individuals on the boards, but are the result of clear structural barriers from board size to the complexity of a firm, which can lead to the failure of the board to effectively obtain, process and share information as individuals and as a group. 6 th August, 2017 VIEWPOINT: Security Ensures Trust The threats to business security are manifold, with new dangers such as ransomware seeming to appear out of nowhere. However, some risks are worth taking and there will always be a trade-off between greater security and cost, resources and inconvenience. Although security increasingly requires resilience, both mental and operational, Jarno Limnéll, Professor of cybersecurity at Aalto University, believes the strong negative stigma often attached to security is unfortunate. 31 st July, 2017 PROGRAM NEWS: Supply Chain Innovation Michigan Ross. Innovation is not only about designing new products and creating new business models, innovation is also essential in improving and redirecting operations and business processes. Rather than supply chain management being confined to buyers scouring the globe for the best prices for suppliers and materials, companies should work closely with suppliers to innovate better, safer more sustainable ways of working 26 th July, 2017 DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCE: Corporate Learning Survey The latest Corporate Learning Pulse, survey, of nearly 1,000 senior professionals from nine countries in Europe, the Gulf and Asia focused on better understanding senior professionals’ attitudes towards executive education and leadership development, as well as their perceptions on program effectiveness. 20 th July, 2017 PROGRAM NEWS: Leading in a Digital Age In an important initiative conceived to define what digital transformation really stands for, late last year, 200 managers enrolled on ‘Take the Lead - Digital Disruption Sprint’, an innovative online executive program run by Vlerick Business School, in partnership with Mediafin the Belgian media group. Participants in the program, which completed last month, came from many business sectors, invited to enrol having won a place through a national contest promoted via radio and Mediafin channels. 19 th July, 2017 DOWNLOADABLE RESOURCE: Empowering Frontline Healthcare Diabetes UK and Ashridge Executive Education, in collaboration with Novo Nordisk who provide support and funding, have been awarded the coveted 2017 EFMD Excellence in Practice (EiP) Gold Award. The award was given for the creation of The Diabetes UK Clinical Champions initiative, an innovative change program which empowers those on the frontline of diabetes care. 18 th July, 2017 VIDEO VIEWPOINT: Succession Planning There are two dimensions to succession planning in businesses – leadership succession and ownership succession. In the short video below, Thomas Zellweger, Professor of Business Administration at the University of St.Gallen, a specialist in family business, considers these two different forms of succession and explains why businesses should follow this six-step-process 17 th July, 2017