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Learning with Individual and Organizational Impact - Professor Jean-François Manz, IMD Conversation 5
A Century of Champions and Unicorns - Established Players and Start-ups 12
Creating Dynamic Learning Encounters - VanDyck Silveira, CEO of the FT|IE CLA Conversation 18
The Apprenticeship Levy and the Future for Corporate Learning in the UK 23
Distinctive, Different and Definitely Not Vanilla - Tomorrow’s Business School 30
Leadership Journeys - Vince Roche: Sensing and Adapting for the Future 37
Leadership Research Data Focus 42
The Unexpected Lessons of Music City USA 44
Creating Harmony in a Complex Organization 52
Learning Ecosystems and the Power of Collaboration 57
The Future Is Here - Eric Johnson, Dean of Vanderbilt University’s Owen Graduate School of Mngmt 63
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Executive Development Provider Directory 73
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