Executive DEVELOPMENT Developing Leaders Issue 28: 2018 | 25 Regardless of where you choose to play, technology will underlie any moves you make. You will need to become a digitally-savvy leader. In my extensive experience in consulting leaders of technology-enabled transformation, the key to unlocking greater impact of digital is not just a question of ‘implementation’ or ‘adoption’. In today’s complex world, understanding the technologies and ways to co-create is essential to transformation. EXPERIENCES DESIGN DIGITAL A Winning Strategy: The Transformation Trifecta To accelerate transformation in organizations, we recommend leaders develop three areas of excellence: Innovation, Digital and Design. Building these capabilities will increase the likelihood of achieving a ‘transformation trifecta’. Only managing one or even two will materially diminish the ‘acceleration’ achievable, with all three you can lead with a significant multiplying effect. To spark transformation, the intent for Innovation is indispensable. If there is no vision of how digital technologies can enhance the organization in new ways, then there is clearly no transformation to be done. Innovation needs a purpose, so defining the market opportunities and business challenges are essential to ensure the lifeblood necessary to sustain an innovation program. It must bring value to the organization itself, its customers and more widely for society around the organization. In many cases, the goalposts of innovation should be what Salim Ismail, the Canadian serial entrepreneur and author, refers to as a Massively Transformative Purpose (MTP), not just seeking new value. Once that innovation mandate is created it should be delivered to bring value. Granted digital transformation starts at the top, but a shared vision of how to innovate cannot only come from those needs to pave the way for change. Leaders who understand both the business and the strategy, and who have some influence to try digital innovations in markets, must make it their task to design it themselves.