Developing Leaders Issue 31: 2019 | 13 Viewpoint need to recognise that the terms of the game are shifting, and that the conversation around sustainability is not one simply now of responsibility, but one of resilience. Moving beyond, and finding new areas of value creation. So the question I always pose to an executive is “do you think you’re extracting value from a system, or do you think you’re creating value in a system?” That might be a social system, an ecological system, an economic system, but you have to ask yourselves fundamentally different questions. Most folks have not taken the time to dwell on that; they could certainly argue, ‘I’m a value creator for my shareholders’, but they’re not necessarily creating value for society at large. So there’s this challenge of a more antiquated, I would say Milton Friedman-esque mindset, of maximising shareholder returns in a socially responsible way, to recognising that business over the last 20 years has become such a deeply globalised, hugely influential force that it now has this opportunity to be this conduit for change, for leveraging new mindsets, of exponential change around sustainability, and bring in some of these solutions that we know are required by, for us to sustain quality of life and wellbeing of this planet.” The passion and energy to foster change in a sustainable and impactful way is clearly gaining momentum at Sauder. n Watch a video of the full conversation below