22 | Developing Leaders Issue 31: 2019 Viewpoint Our work on ‘Culture by Design’ has looked at the importance of a people-centred culture in a digital age. We have drawn on our combined 30 years’ experience at the Walt Disney Company, alongside our work with Cranfield University’s School of Management, to explore how best to design a culture that inspires employees to create exceptional customer experiences. The findings highlight the ways in which a people-centred organizational culture can be translated into what is seen and felt by customers, and the pivotal role for HR in making it happen. There is a good deal of work on what makes for a ‘good’ organizational culture, but how to harness this on behalf of customers is rarely identified or explicitly addressed in practical ways. There is a vague and general acceptance that if employees are happy this will translate into a better experience for customers, whereas the big opportunity for enduring wealth creation is overtly to connect employee engagement with customer value creation.