28 | Developing Leaders Issue 31: 2019 Viewpoint Fourthly, continuing staff reward and recognition forms another powerful lever that can emphasise the customer-led message – or conversely, that can dilute it with mixed messages as to what is important. Disney for example has a programme called The Four Keys Fanatic, which encourages “cast members” (as employees are called, to emphasise the standard of ‘show’) to recognise each other for exceptional behaviour. But it does not reward any behaviour, only those behaviours that specifically relate to safety, courtesy, show and efficiency – the four standards or ‘keys’ as they are called. To nominate a colleague, you have to say which of these four the colleague demonstrated excellence at.  Culture is all around us, influencing our ideas, customs and social behaviour and, as Facebook has discovered, it exists within an organization whether we are conscious of it or not. Leaders must reflect how culture can be explicitly designed with the active leadership of HR to create an integrated system that engages employees, delivers superior value for customers and creates sustainable value for shareholders. n Chris Humphrey is Managing Partner at the Pelorus Jack consultancy ( ) and former director of UK Marketing and Customer Strategy for Walt Disney World in Florida, Disney Cruise Line and Disneyland Paris. Emma Macdonald is Professor in Marketing and joint Director of the Cranfield University School of Management’s Customer Management Forum. ‘Culture by Design’ was produced by Cranfield University School of Management for its Customer Management Forum , Internal communication needs to reinforce and bring to life the brand purpose