4 | Developing Leaders Issue 31: 2019 W elcome to this the 31 st issue of Developing Leaders magazine. The sharp-eyed amongst you may have already noticed that we have adapted the look of the magazine. This is our first digitally-prioritized issue. Well over 90% of the magazine’s circulation is now accessed digitally so we thought it was time to bring in some additional features that digital allows. These will appear gradually over the coming months, but we do run two videos, one from Andrew Crisp embedded in his article on ‘A Very Different Future for Executive Education’, and some excerpts from my interview with James Tansey and Justin Bull of UBC Sauder – our opening article. The new digital edition has enlarged fonts for better readability on devices and an optimised layout to simplify access. A dedicated website, , has been launched to showcase the latest issue and make access to our considerable backlist easier too. Please take a look – as ever, we are keen to hear our readers’ thoughts and views and welcome feedback at We will be making hardcopies available via Amazon, for those who still love the smell, touch and feel of paper. These will be printed and delivered to you locally – so are in line with this issue’s theme of ‘responsible and sustainable’. We will provide more detail on this option soon. The opening article this issue, and an increasingly loud drumbeat we are hearing on corporate leadership, is the role of responsible leadership and sustainable business. UBC Sauder, the Vancouver-based business school is at the forefront of both research and ‘walking the talk’ on these topics, as our article and interview make clear. Matt Gitsham, Director of the Ashridge Centre for Business and Sustainability, expands on how CEOs in particularly are being both driven and driving themselves to lead their businesses to more sustainable processes, not just out of altruism but as good business sense too. This is a conversation we will return to frequently – as it is clearly, like digital – just the beginning of a new set of journeys. Also, on the related themes of humanity we have articles from Susanne Jacobs, Disney, CCL and my own take on leadership. Lots to read, to assess and to agree or disagree with – we’d love to hear your views. Enjoy the issue! Roddy Millar | Editorial Director EDITOR’s LETTER A Digital Welcome to A New Chapter of Developing Leaders