6 | Developing Leaders Issue 31: 2019 Viewpoint The world is changing, and so are business schools... emphasis today on innovation and entrepreneurialism all other models. And the accusation that several decades of MBA’s chasing profit at all costs led to the financial crash of 2008, while not the whole story, is certainly part of it. But the world is changing, and so are business schools. There is much more of an emphasis today on innovation and entrepreneurialism than ever before, and business schools are seeing more of their alumni head to start-ups rather than exclusively to banks and top consultancies. The best schools are shining a light on current issues like digital transformation, machine-learning implications, and also the wider impact of business on society. The UBC Sauder School of Business, leads very strongly on the theme of Responsible Leadership and invests significantly in sustainable development which informs many of the programs it provides. IEDP Developing Leaders had the opportunity recently to dig into these areas with two of their leading faculty, Professor James Tansey, the director of the Center of Sustainable Innovation and Impact Investing at Sauder and Dr Justin Bull, who leads several executive programs there. From an environmental standpoint it is easy to become either despondent or quickly angered by what big business is perceived to be doing to planet earth. This approach serves no-one well, it alienates business decision-makers from the activists, and it obscures the important work that business is doing to improve the environment. Prof Tansey clearly understands these partisan politics well, and is nevertheless relentlessly positive about the progress being made and momentum being created in the business world, without belittling or underestimating the challenges we face.