72 | Developing Leaders Issue 31: 2019 Corporate Practice Traditional markets in virtually every sector are being disrupted by Barbarian insurgents – who appear to be able to capture customer loyalty from wherever they enter the value chain. In this article Albert Meige uses the case of the mobility market to help us understand the dynamics of market disruption by insurgency and what companies might do to face up to threats. H ow can a company like Total, the long-established mega- corporation, whose activities span oil fields and renewable energy to filling stations, position itself to integrate the power of digital into its economic model? – a power often deemed capable of challenging the hierarchy of a value chain from any point of entry. But is that right? Is it true that all the starting points are equal in the race for digital transformation? Or on the contrary, do actors such as Total not have the initial advantages necessary for the construction of dominant digital platforms? Digital Barbarians at the Gate By Albert Meige