Developing Leaders Issue 31: 2019 | 79 Corporate Practice Conclusion For existing mobility players, digital transformation leads to strong convergences between links in value chains. When creating a platform, however, there is no orthogonality between value chains and the success of a platform strategy. Some assets such as the frequency of interaction and the existence of a customer base are difficult to create from scratch. There remains the danger posed by actors of the Amazon type, kings of the customer experience. Their platforms are orthogonal to value chains. They create uncertainty in all sectors of activity and disturbs the tranquillity all of the links within the value chain. The only answer to this type of margin-destroying Barbarian may well be to become a Barbarian yourself – to become the Amazon of mobility. n This is an edited translation of Albert Meige’s original article, which was written on the basis of his collaboration with the Total Group over several years and on his interview with Philippe Montantême, Director Marketing Strategy research of Total Marketing & Services, who we thank for the time he granted. Albert Meige is the Academic Director of the HEC Paris executive program ‘Leading the Digital Transformation’. He has been an entrepreneur since his teenage years, when he began by selling magic! He is the founder and CEO of Presans, a worldwide digital platform of experts. He is an expert for the Harvard Business Review of France. Trained as a Telecom Engineer, he also holds an MBA from HEC Paris and a Physics PhD from the Australian National University.