Developing Leaders Issue 31: 2019 | 81 Corporate Practice after you.” says Paul McCarthy, Client Director, Executive Education at Warwick Business School. The commitment to quality also encompasses investing in the development of its current and future leaders which, allied to maintaining a lean workforce and a responsive organizational structure, has ensured Emirates Group’s hard-won commercial success. Coming out of the 2008 crisis, Emirates wanted to make sure it had the people able to deliver its ambitious growth plans. To meet this need Emirates established an executive program targeting high-potential, high-performing people in senior functional roles and this program helped to develop a cadre of effective managers. Following the initial success Emirates felt they needed to raise the leadership development bar further. To meet the new challenges of the business environment Emirates wanted to shift the focus towards developing future leaders able to operate with a strategic view of the whole-business, not just individual business units. With a view to building on their ambition to be the very best at what they do and to help define Dubai as a world-class business centre, Emirates wanted to create a pool of future-thinking