82 | Developing Leaders Issue 31: 2019 Corporate Practice senior leaders who could take the organization forward, transforming the business capabilities to be both more outward-looking and more integrated internally. With this in mind, Emirates spoke to ten potential providers and selected Warwick Business School (WBS) to join them in co-creating a thought-leadership oriented senior leaders program that would heighten the intensity of their leadership development and bring new impetus to addressing future challenges and opportunities. The focus, says Paul McCarthy, was on “the transformation of people to being strategic in their thinking and behaviour, able to move into senior general management roles as well as providing outstanding functional leadership. Leaders able to manage change and complexity by accessing thinking outside the prevailing mindset in the business.” Emirates who are committed to partnership in the way they do things were looking for a business school prepared, as Paul McCarthy recalls, “not just to develop and support the program, but also to keep looking for opportunities to add additional benefits from the relationship – supporting the participant’s ongoing development throughout and after the program.” This suited WBS which prides itself in being able to go beyond one-off interventions and offer a long-term partnership approach. Emirates started speaking to WBS about the program in 2011, indicating the structure and scale they were looking for and suggesting six specific objectives. A joint program steering group was formed to craft a program that was relevant to the target population, the organization and its strategic requirements. Emirates wanted to create a pool of future-thinking senior leaders