Developing Leaders Issue 31: 2019 | 83 Corporate Practice “Senior stakeholders from Emirates, not just HR but across the business, and faculty from the business school came together to explore how to deliver the objectives and devise the structure and elements that needed to create a challenging development experience delivering organizational capability through individual development.” The WBS program which is offered to cohorts of 25 individuals is now in its 6th year. At its core the program provides “a real stretch in terms of content, introducing participants to future focussed insights, and encouraging them to think critically about the business and what needs to be put in place to take it forward by connecting back from the future to the here and now,” says Paul McCarthy. “An amazing experience working with tutors of such diverse experience, with the ability to convey complex messages in such a clear, interactive and intuitive fashion. The concepts taught were brought to life through interactive games that, at least for me, will resonate longer in my memory.” Program Participant Strategic thinking is elevated to a business level rather than remaining a functional activity, understanding and managing the challenges and opportunities of highly interdependent organizations, for example, how HR can help IT deliver the best solutions or how an aircraft can be made available safely, at the best cost, with passengers getting the best possible experience. The project groups have implemented their learning by addressing real business challenges that have delivered qualitative and qualitative returns across the Emirates Group. These range from a combination of strategic business enhancements, cost savings and revenue acceleration, which have returned multiples of the original five-year contract investment. After a rigorous participant selection process, WBS and Emirates conduct a joint face-to-face induction in Dubai to clarify the objectives for each cohort and to agree personal development plans related to each individual’s current role. There are then two modules of face-to-