Developing Leaders Issue 31: 2019 | 87 Corporate Practice Participants are asked to consider what they need to be doing less of, or let go of in terms of control and micro-management, in order to be able to manage the complexity and ambiguity which comes from a more senior perspective. To further broaden participants’ strategic understanding, WBS and Emirates have established an integrated ‘strategy forum’ where past and current program participants get to sit with the very senior executives from across the Emirates Group to have very open conversations about the strategic challenges and opportunities for the business. WBS faculty also work with Emirates to address particular business challenges. Senior leaders need to be good at sense-making, understanding both what is going on now and implications for the future and they need to be ready to lead change. “We have to blend both of those things within the modules and the coaching support that participants receive. ELDP is about developing participants to have immediate impact and to prepare them for future roles as they arise and provides a great opportunity for participants to deliver significant change and return financial contribution to the business as well as showcasing their leadership potential,” says Paul McCarthy “So, it’s a truly blended structure where my role as client director is to hold together the red thread of the program, to ensure things are working and to feed into the steering group the oversight that ELDP is actually delivering what they’re looking for.” The ELDP has developed a significant reputation within the Emirates Group who have committed to continuing it in future years. Success is measured in terms of the benefit the enhanced performance of its participants has brought the Group, assessed in terms of role and functional performance, direct financial returns that exceed the program costs, and by participants’ progress into more senior or broader roles. n