4 | Developing Leaders Issue 33: 2019 Welcome to another exciting issue of Developing Leaders magazine. We always strive to share the latest thinking and research from leading practitioners, faculty and consultants around the world with you in these pages – and this issue is no different. The core of leadership lies within the individual and ripples out through teams and extended organizational cultures to impact a much wider set of stakeholders. This ripple effect is where the magic of good leadership evolves – for it is liable to being reshaped through emerging events, minor but multiple misinterpretations that can distort it, and many other factors that can confuse the message and change the context as the good intent of leadership culture and behaviour journeys outwards. It is therefore always good to go back to basics, and remind ourselves of the essentials of good leadership through different perspectives and voices. To this end we have some important articles in this issue where people, steeped in leadership development practice, share their wisdom with us. Alison Nolan brings her experience of working with large, complex organizations to focus in on how to foster a Thinking Culture and the benefits that can bring. Susanne Jacobs explores one of the EDITOR’s LETTER Back to Leadership Basics great challenges of our age for organizations: how to foster purpose and motivation. Graham Leicester brings the Three Horizons model to help us navigate our complex, ever-changing world to introduce new ideas that can take hold and become the future. Jonna Sercombe grapples with how we develop new leaders – and offers eight points that every learning leader should adhere to, if they want to create lasting impact. In addition we have great reflections from the Robert Helsley, Dean of Sauder School of Business – along with some video clips of my conversation with him, and also from Natalie Lugagne, Associate Dean for Executive Education at HEC Paris. Our two case studies are from a really innovative approach to structuring a program from emlyon for consultants CapGemini, and Oxford Saïd Business School’s long- running program with Scottish Water, show-casing their public value approach. As ever, lots of insight and practice knowledge. Let us know what you think at . Roddy Millar | Editorial DirectorCimus.