84 | Developing Leaders Issue 33: 2019 Corporate Practice behaviours were truly adopted. What perhaps was most radical about the design was that the team behind Making Leaders deliberately tried to apportion energy and resources on the basis of the 70:20:10 model . In other words, a relatively smaller weight was given to the traditional ‘knowledge exchange’, the 10 element, a fair chunk of effort went to support the 20 element, informal learning, and relatively greater attention was given to the 70 element. Making Leaders did not quite achieve that ratio, but ultimately, the impact all concerned felt at the end of the program was reward enough for genuinely trying to. For Capgemini, the client, the ability of their managers to be successful leaders, handling the chaos and uncertainty that digital change is bringing to their clients and within their own business, will be the true measure of success. Given the change in behaviours and confidence in handling and leading in ambiguity that the program has produced so far, this is already happening…. And a second wave of the program is in the pipeline, Franck Baillet says. No doubt it will have a few surprises in store for the project team. Everyone’s out in the garden tending already blooming flowers and planting seeds for the future. The ability of their managers to be successful leaders... will be the true measure of success Making Leaders