30 | Developing Leaders Issue 36: 2020 Leadership “It’s not about content. It’s about the whole relationship side of learning; those relationships with the faculty and with each other, and that personalization that keeps participants on track,” says Powell. Wray believes there is no doubt an opportunity for the school provided by its developing online expertise and the global reach this provides. “I think the brand of the school is really important in relation to this. As well as creating unique offerings and value propositions in some of the areas where we have very distinctive capability. In behavioural science, for example, an online program with global reach has very significant potential.” “There is also the opportunity for different kinds of business models. So if, for example, a distance learning program is made available on an open program basis globally, you may have a company ask, ‘Actually, we’ve got 500 people that we’d like to take through that program.’ What is the opportunity to customise that kind of distance learning product specifically for them and offer it to them on a licenced basis?” With difficult economic times ahead for all of us, executive education will have a major role to play in helping organizations recover, survive, and thrive. Digitization and greater use of online which were major trends in learning and development before the pandemic lockdown, have been accelerated massively. Developments that might have taken several years have been tried, tested, and proved effective at ‘early adopter’ schools like WBS, and many of the exciting developments outlined here bode well for the way executive learning can be delivered in future. Our platform is built so that when people write a comment it can be replied to, liked, or queried by a colleague Distance Learning Reimagined