By Anne-Laure Sellier Think You’re Not Creative? Think Again T his is themantra that creativity expert, Professor Anne- Laure Sellier takes into the world of business, and also into the classroom. Her ‘Boosting Creativity’ course at HEC Paris is among the most popular on the school’s online MSc in Entrepreneurship and Innovation MSc in Entre- preneurship and Innovation program, and helps participants to tap into hidden powers they never knew they had... Forget about gifts from the Gods or being struck by ‘the muse’, we all have the power to think creatively “One of the reasons that we are only teaching creativity now—and HEC Paris is one of the few business schools in the world that does so—is that for the longest time, there was a widely-held belief that it simply can’t be taught. For most of history our species has believed that creativity was God(s)- given, and there was not much that you can do about that. We now know this is at least partly nonsense: research provides