By Ryne A. Sherman Leadership and the Nature of Human Nature Why today’s leaders are no different from yesterday’s A host of workplace surveys over the past 30 years have returned one consistent message: the base rate of effective leadership is shockingly low. For example, a 2019 survey by Monster showed that 80% of all US employees cry at work, primarily due to the toxic work environment created by interactions with bosses and coworkers. Gallup reports in hundreds of surveys that 65-75% of US workers say the worst and most stressful aspect of their lives is their immediate boss. A recent survey of the UK public found that 22% of people “hate their boss,” 52% name their boss as their main cause of dissatisfaction, 20% say they would give up a pay raise if someone would fire their boss, and an astonishing 12% say that they have actively fantasized about killing their boss. In a similar survey, 65% of the US workforce said they would prefer firing their boss to receiving 7