Author Submission

Contribute to Developing Leaders Quarterly

Developing Leaders Quarterly is always interested to receive ideas and concepts for articles for future issues.
If you have an article proposal please send a short email to us at the address below, outlining:
  • the key theme of the article, and five or six bullet points on what it will contain
  • why it is of relevance to our audience (executives and managers as well as faculty and consultants interested in leadership and organizational behaviour, its development and best practice)
  • why you are the right person to write the piece (particular experience you have had , research you have conducted , or other factors)
  • If we see a good fit with a future issue we will be keen to discuss how we can publish it with you.
DLQ articles are typically 2000-2500 words long, and written for a professional audience. They should be written in your own voice/style and without jargon or technical language. We will edit all articles to be published so that they meet our editorial standards.
The first step though is to email us and suggest your article idea.
Please send all initial emails to