The Quest for Purpose

This issue explores the Quest for Purpose. Purpose gives both individuals and organizations meaning and energy, and is a concept that senior executives are increasingly seeking to better understand so that they can foster and nourish it better retain their staff and to increase the sustainability and productivity of their organizations.
We bring a range of voices to this discussion: senior practitioners like Dame Jackie Daniel, CEO of the Newcastle-upon-Tyne NHS Hospital Foundation Trust; academics such as Harvard Business School professor Ranjay Gulati and Ashridge Hult professor Roger Delves; consultants Ralf Schneider, Rebecca Stephens and Sertac Yeltekin and coach Yasmina Suleyman. 
We also explore other topics such as Beliz Ukgren’s focus on the Chair Effect of how leaders often change behaviour on being promoted, and Marilyn Mehlmann on Leading for Satisfaction. 

Key Articles

Nurturing Purpose in a Purpose-Led Organization

Roddy Millar in conversation with Dame Jackie Daniel

Dame Jackie Daniel, CEO of one of the largest health trusts in the UK, shares how purpose led her into healthcare – and continues to be the bedrock of how she leads her 18,000 colleagues.

The Power of Purpose

Rebecca Stephens MBE

Leadership consultant, and pioneering mountaineer, Rebecca Stephens explores the extraordinary story of Shackleton’s expedition to Antarctica where his purpose-led leadership enabled the almost miraculous survival of the entire crew – and how this relates to organizations today.

How Spotify Keeps Up with Millennials

Yasmina Suleyman Halawi

Building on her examination of Self-Determination Theory in her previous chapter in this issue, Yasmina Suleyman describes how Spotify supports and directs its work culture in the real-world, so delivering positive experiences for its employees.


Nurturing Purpose in a Purpose-Led Organization: Dame Jackie Daniel’s Leadership Approach in the NHS

Deep Purpose:

Purpose and Performance: The next generation

How to Embark on a New Purposeful Journey

The Value of Purpose

Re-discovering Purpose in the face of Overwhelm and Burnout at Work

The Power of Purpose

The Chair Effect

Keeping-Up with the Millennials

How Spotify Keeps Up with Millennials

Lead for Satisfaction

Organizational Curiosity RoundTable Summary


Idea #760

Idea #787

Idea #514


Deep Purpose by Ranjay Gulati

Jerks at Work by Tessa West

The Necessary Journey by Ella Washington

Power and Prediction by Ajay Agrawal, Joshua Gans and Avi Goldfarb

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