Ecosystem Leadership

This issue presents a wide range of perspectives on the challenges, necessities and pitfalls of the modern organizational imperative of leading in an ecosystem. 

The complexity and constant change that modern business environments demand means that leaders need to ensure their organizations are permanently adapting and evolving to the latest conditions and contexts.

Our contributors – globally recognized authorities on ecosystems leadership, senior practitioners at multinationals, professors and consultants highlight their particular views and insights in this comprehensive issue.

We also touch on the power of diversity both in our networks and in our individual strengths in pieces by LaTonya Wilkins and Emma Russell; and explore empathy with Martin Best and organizational reinvention with Julie Jungawala, Dean Rockwell and Jenny Stine.

Key Articles

The Art of Business Ecosystem Leadership

Roland Deiser

Roland presents his nine part capability framework, allocated across three dimensions, for ecosystem leaders, based on his extensive research with leading organizations. 

Leading Towards a Healthy Ecosystem

James L Ritchie-Dunham and David Dinwoodie

The authors show that it is not just the initial creation and entering into of ecosystems that is required of leaders, but the constant attention and adaptation to keep them functioning optimally – both require new collaborative, empathetic skillsets.

Why Biology Matters

Emma Russell

In this important article the author challenges us to recognize the power and opportunity that diversity can bring organizations; from managing and appreciating the rhythms of our bodies better to the strengths and skills of neurodiverse employees.


Winning the ecosystem game The leadership gap

The Art of Business Ecosystem Leadership A Capability Framework for the New Ball Game

Managing Complexity with Ecosystems

Leading Towards a Healthy Ecosystem

From Business CEO to Ecosystem Mayor

Systems-thinking Leadership

Lead as a Connector, Not a Constrainer

Hidden Benefits of Engaging Across Differences

Individual Transformation for Organizational Reinvention

Leadership and Empathy

Why Biology Matters The Power of Difference


Idea #790

Idea #432

Idea #845


MYPRISM by Maribel Aleman, Douglas Choo, John Lazar, Beth Masterman, Fernando Morais and Rolf Pfeiffer

I, Human by Tomas Chamorro-Premuzic

Running on Empty by Amy Bradley and Katherine Sembler

Intentional Leadership by Dr Rose M. Patten

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