Eastern Promise: The Infosys Approach to Leadership

Issue 01

In this launch issue of Developing Leaders magazine we start our mission to shine a focused spotlight on high-level executive education from the world’s top business schools to the world’s largest organizations, and share best practice, the latest research and some of the emerging challenges and dilemmas executives are facing in building management and leadership strength in their organizations.

This is the central theme of Developing Leaders magazine that we explore and grow in our coming issues.

Key Articles

Looking at Leaders: A Plea for Realism

Professor Tim Morris

Most academic theories on leadership miss their mark – here’s why.

The Role of Personal Enquiry in Leadership Development

Eddie Blass & Keith Randle

Building integrity, credibility and sustainability in your organization

The Enduring Culture of Leadership

Alan Cutler

The story of three hotel founders: Bill Marriott; Isadore Sharp; Jasminder Singh


Looking at Leaders: A Plea forRealism

New Learning for a New World

Leadership Development

Action Learning and Virtual Action Learning for Leadership Development

The Role of Personal Enquiry in Leadership Development

Leadership Style

Enduring Culture of Leadership


Innovation in Leadership Development

Marketing Focus

British Entrepreneurs on the Shores of Lake Michigan

Creating Marketing Professionals for a Changing Business World

India Focus

The Infosys Approach to Leadership

Resistance to Resurgence: India School of Business Tackles Culture Change at Union Bank of India

Exec Ed Update

Accreditation for Executive Development

A Clever Event: HBSP and IEDP Host an Executive Lunch with Gareth Jones


Reinventing Management – Julian Birkinshaw

Clever – Rob Goffee & Gareth Jones

The India Way – Peter Capelli, Harbir Singh, Jitendra Singh & Michael Useem

Exec Ed News

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