Back Issues

Issue 37 (2021/1)

With 7 articles, including:

  • Scoping the Way Ahead for Exec-Ed Roddy Millar
  • Embracing Employee Activism Megan Reitz & John Higgins
  • Democratising Learning at Allianz Tony White

Plus four more…

Issue 36 (2020/3)

With 9 articles, including:

  • Sustainable Leadership Sarah Galloway, Kurt Harrison & Hans Reus
  • Why Your Team Needs Expansive Thinking Lisa Christen & Rolf Pfeiffer
  • Leadership Capital Linda Ginzel

Plus six more…

Issue 35 (2020/2)

With 13 articles, including:

  • A Leadership Stimulus Package Nouman Ashraf, Assistant Professor, Organizational Behaviour, Rotman School of Management
  • The Science of Stress Rakesh Sondhi, MD, BMC Global Services, and Stig Solvhoj, MD, MIND Strain
  • Deeper, More Resilient Learning Mike Malefakis, CEO and Associate Vice Dean, Wharton Executive Education
  • No More Business as Usual Professor Tim Wray, Director of Executive Education, Warwick Business School

Plus nine more…

Issue 34 (2020/1)

With 10 articles, including:

  • Creating Human-Friendly Organizations Bronach Crawley, Associate Fellow of the British Psychological Society
  • ‘Eco’, ‘Ego’ and ‘Intuitive’ Leadership Sharon Olivier, Director of Open Programs at Hult Ashridge Executive Education
  • Developing Mindsets for Enabling Organizational ChangeRobert Hooijberg, Professor of Organizational Behaviour at IMD
Plus seven more…

Issue 33 (2019/4)

With 10 articles, including:

  • Creating a Thinking Culture Alison Nolan, Associate Fellow, Oxford Saïd Business School
  • Purpose = Motivation at Work Susanne Jacobs, founder of The Seven
  • Business Leadership as a Force for Good Robert Helsley, Dean, UBC Sauder School of Business, in Conversation
Plus seven more…

Issue 32 (2019/3)

With 10 articles, including:

  • Innovation and Strategic Stability A Conversation with Angèle Beausoleil, Assistant Professor, Rotman School of Management
  • Elevating Design into Strategy Professor Pietro Micheli, Warwick Business School
  • Doing the Right Thing Professor Haris Tsoukas, Warwick Business School
Plus seven more…

Issue 31 (2019/2)

With 11 articles, including:

  • Data or Disney: Keeping Organizations Human Chris Humphrey and Emma Macdonald
  • A Very Different Future for Executive Education Andrew Crisp
  • CEO Activism and Its Implications for Executive Development Matthew Gitsham
  • Developing People and Architecting Culture Change A Conversation with CCL’s David Dinwoddie
Plus six more…

Issue 30 (2018/8)

With 15 articles, including:

  • Walking in Fog – Creating Order out of Disorder Carole Osterweil
  • Customized Executive Education with ImpactA Conversation with Dr Markus Frank, Director and Head of Customized Learning at the Executive School, University of St. Gallen
  • Tipping Point – A Time for New LeadershipIlona Haaijer, Dave Tullett and Andrew White
  • Leadership Journeys – Jeff BezosBob Rosen, Healthy Companies
  • Creating a Global Champion- Traton Group with IESE and HEC ParisTom Nash
Plus 10 more…

Issue 29 (2018/2)

With 12 articles, including:

  • Digital Overload – A Leadership Challenge: Peter Thomson, Future Work Forum
  • Ideabanks – Networking For Choice: Prof Sheena Iyengar, Columbia Business School
  • Sorting Out An Emotional Muddle – Insights for Neuroscience On The Organizational Value of Emotions: Prof Paul Brown and Dr Theresa Dzendrowskyj
  • Fostering Humanity, Creativity and Purpose – Airbus Leadership University: Roddy Millar
Plus eight more…

Issue 28 (2018/1)

With 13 articles, including:

  • 4 Leadership Lessons from Jazz – Using Shared Leadership, Collaboration and Improvization: Grant Ackerman, Columbia Business School
  • Accidental Leadership – Addressing the UK Leadership Crisis: Roger Delves, Ashridge Executive Education
  • Playing the Digital Transformation Game – Leading Digital Innovation with Design to Transform Your Organization: Joseph Press, Center for Creative Leadership
  • Creative Leadership at Bertelsman Dan Lentell
Plus nine more…

Issue 27 (2017/3)

With 11 articles, including:

  • The Apprenticeship Levy and the Future for Corporate Learning in the UK
  • Distinctive, Different and Definitely Not Vanilla – Building a Defining Identity for Tomorrow’s Business School: Andrew Crisp, Carrington Crisp
  • A Century of Champions and Unicorns – Established Players and Start-ups, Innovation, Execution and Fighting Buraucracy: Christian Stadler, Warwick Business School
  • The Unexpected Lessons of Music City – Chubb Insurance and Owen Graduate School, Vanderbilt University: Chris Murray
Plus seven more…

Issue 26 (2017/2)

With 9 articles, including:

  • Changing Mindsets in Organizations One Brain at a TimeLaurence Knell and Prof Shane O’Mara, Trinity College Dublin
  • Leadersmithing – An Apprenticeship Approach to Leadership Development Eve Poole, Ashridge Executive Education
  • Leading the Aligned Enterprise – Releasing Energy to Fulfil Corporate Purpose Prof Jonathan Trevor and Dr Barry Varcoe, Oxford Saïd Business School
  • Helping Leaders Do Leadership in an Uncertain World Prof David Denyer and Prof Kim Turnbull; James, Cranfield School of Management

Plus five more…

Issue 25 (2017/1)

With 9 articles, including:

  • Human Excellence in the Smart Machine Age – The Power of Human Emotions: Prof Ed Hess, Darden School of Business, University of Virginia
  • When Sleep is a Leadership Issue Prof Vicki Culpin, Ashridge Executive Education
  • Relational Capital for Performance and Well-being Tim Young, Relational Research Ltd
  • Heading into the Cloud – Microsoft and INSEAD Chris Murray
Plus five more…

Issue 24 (2016/3)

With 12 articles, including:

  • Unleashing the Full Potential of Women Leaders – Trends in Women’s Leadership Development Iris Newalu, Smith College, Mass. USA
  • Enabling Leaders’ Energy Management Mark McCartney
  • The Continuing Trouble with Executive Development Provision
  • Measuring the Impact of Executive Development – Tracking Individual and Organizational Outcomes Back in the Workplace Guy Gumbrell, Terry Clark and Tally Attwood-Smith of Imperial College Business School, London
Plus eight more…

Issue 23 (2016/2)

With 11 articles, including:

  • From Innovation Graveyard to Innovation Hotbed – How Innovation Gets Stuck in the Middle David Magellan Horth and Jonathan Vehar, Center for Creative Leadership
  • Horse Leadership – Using Horses to Highlight Our Leadership Abilities Rajiv Ball (McKinsey & Co), Nana Notthoff (Humboldt University, Berlin) and Whitney Hischier (Haas School of Business, UC Berkeley)
  • Brainwash – Innovation Starts in the Mind Prof Gerald Huether, University of Göttingen
  • A Human Approach to Retail at Pirch Roddy Millar
Plus seven more…

Issue 22 (2016/1)

With 11 articles, including:

  • The Role of the Board in Organizational Change Prof Patricia Klarner (University of Munich), Prof Gilbert Probst (World Economic Forum) and Prof Michael Useem (Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania)
  • People as Brands, Brands as People – Implications for Leaders from the Brain and Behavioural Sciences Prof Shane O’Mara (Experimental Brain Research, Trinity College Dublin) and Aoife Lyons (Alltech Inc)
  • Mindful Exclusion – Excluding with the Whole in MindJustine Lutterodt (Centre for Synchronous Leadership)
  • In Search of the ‘Next’ Leader – ‘Nextsensing’ to Frame a Future State for the Firm Prof Joseph Pistrui, IE Business School
Plus seven more…

Issue 21 (2015/4)

With 12 articles, including:

  • Values, Spirituality and Organizational Culture – The Challenges of Leadership in Tomorrowland Prof Simon L Dolan, ESADE School of Business
  • The Five Dimensions of Global Leadership Dr Linda Sharkey
  • Same Solar System, Different Orbits – Opportunities and Challenges in Executive Education and Corporate University Partnerships Marie Eitner, Jim Pulcrano, Jenny Stine and Toby Woll, UNICON
  • Sandhurst and Seven Principles of Leadership Development Ian Stewart, Kaplan Professional Development
Plus eight more…

Issue 20 (2015/3)

With 11 articles, including:

  • Rethinking Blended Learning for Leadership DevelopmentGiuseppe Auricchio, IESE with Roddy Millar
  • Why MOOCs and Executives Don’t Mix Paul Hunter, IMD Business School
  • Training the Guardians – Barclays Bank and Cambridge Judge Business School Dan Lentell
  • Designing Better Leadership Programs – Addressing the 70% Through Action Learning Jean-Anne Stewart, Henley Business School
Plus eight more…

Issue 19 (2015/2)

With 11 articles, including:

  • Shaping the Game – A Bigger Role for Leadership Development Dr Jens Maier, St Gallen Executive Education
  • Developing Leadership Through Play Alison James, London College of Fashion
  • Re-shaping the Future of Work – How to Adapt to Global Megatrends Chris Watkin
  • CEO Powers Step-Up Culture at BHP Billiton Dan Lentell
Plus seven more…

Issue 18 (2015/1)

With 11 articles, including:

  • The Psychology of Managing Trust Dr Richard Kwiatkowski, Cranfield School of Management
  • Resolving Risky Leadership Dilemmas – How CharacterProfiling Can Help: Jamie MacAlister, Ashridge Business School
  • Life at the Centre of the Arena – Coaching the CEO Jock Encombe
  • A Deeper Perspective on the Millennial Management Challenge Tyler Waye, University of Alberta Business School
Plus seven more…

Issue 17 (2014/4)

With 10 articles, including:

  • Collective Leadership Strategy – An Agenda for Organizational Culture Change David Dinwoodie, Regina Eckert, Paul Gallante and Michael West, Center for Creative Leadership
  • Two to Tango: Seeking a Gender Balanced Organization at Nestle and Rio Tinto
  • Designed to Lead? Advancing Evidence-based Design of Transformative Leadership Journeys Dr Michael D Fischer (Melbourne Business School) and Andrew White (Oxford Saïd Business School)
  • Building Social Capital for Leaders – The Importance of Trusting and Diverse Networks Yoshie Tomozumi Nakamura (Columbia Business School), Prof Jody Barto (Farleigh Dickinson University) and Prof Lyle Yorks, (Columbia Business School)
Plus six more…

Issue 16 (2014/3)

With 11 articles, including:

  • The Phoenix of Conflict A Conversation with Charles Irvine
  • Leadership Sustainability – From Good Intentions to Lasting Improvement Prof Dave Ulrich (Ross School of Business, University of Chicago) and Norm Smallwood (RBL Group)
  • Winning Failure – Turning Error into Opportunity Orit Wolf
  • Corporate Universities – What’s New? Deloitte and PEMEX
Plus seven more…

Issue 15 (2014/2)

With 11 articles, including:

  • The Strategic Importance of Conversations Dik Veenman and David Cannon
  • Extending the Impact of Coaching in Organizations Dr Patricia Bossons, Henley Business School
  • Nomadic Learning – Driving Innovative and Trendsetting Organizations An Kramer, DeBaak
  • An Executive Development Journey to Vietnam – Aston Business School and Da Nang University’s Leadership Program Terry Hodgetts, Aston Business School
Plus seven more…

Issue 14 (2014/1)

With 11 articles, including:

  • Pay Attention to Change – Lessons from Neuroscience Prof Paul Brown, Dr Tara Swart and Kitty Chisholm
  • Global Leadership for Greater Good – The World Economic Forum Fellow’s Program and Tri-Sector Collaboration
  • Design for Learning – Some Principles of Program Design in Executive Education Dr Jules Goddard, London Business School
  • The Naked Leaders – 70:20:10 the Challenge of the 70% Ita Dureke and Catherine Berney, Mannaz Consultants
Plus seven more…

Issue 13 (2013/4)

With 11 articles, including:

  • Alignment, Capability and Autonomy – Leadership Challenges at the Clipper Roung-the-World Race Trudi West (Ashridge Business School) with Roddy Millar
  • The Inner World of Leaders – Why Metaphors for Leadership Matter Heather Cairns-Lee
  • Below the Leadership Surface – Mastering Narcissism and Emotional Turmoil Dr Mathias Lohmer and Dr Martin Engelberg
  • Why is the Soft Stuff So Hard? Kitty Chisholm
Plus seven more…

Issue 12 (2013/3)

With 11 articles, including:

  • Beyond Innovation – Creating Conditions for Creativity Prof Carol Becker, Columbia University School of the Arts
  • Leading with Wisdom – Leades Who Create Purpose and Meaning at Work Prasad Kaipa
  • Good Leaders Learn Prof Gerard Seijts and Prof Jeffrey Gandz, Ivey Business School, University of Western Ontario
  • Understanding Emotions – The Basis of Leadership in the 21st Century Prof Paul Brown, Kitty Chisholm and Dr Tara Swart
Plus seven more…

Issue 11 (2013/2)

With 11 articles, including:

  • How Top Companies Develop Their Leaders Erin Burns and Bob Gandossy, RBL Group
  • Leadership – A Perfect Storm Prof Paddy Miller, IESE
  • Social Networks that Improve Performance at Work Yoshie Nakamura, Columbia Business School
  • Seeing, Being, Doing: New Ways to Develop Leaders Nigel Nicholson, London Business School
Plus seven more…

Issue 10 (2013/1)

Global CEOs Program

With 14 articles, including:

  • Character: The Essence of Leadership – 10 Character Virtues of a Good Leader Prof Mary Crossan, Prof Jeffrey Gandz, Prof Gerard Seijts and Mark Reno, Ivey Business School
  • Winning with Expert Leaders – Business Knowledge vs Management Intelligence Dr Amanda Goodall, Cass Business School
  • Neurobiology of Leadership Prof Paul Brown and Dr Tara Swart
  • All In It Together: IESE/Wharton/CEIBS – Global CEO Program Tom Nash
Plus ten more…

Issue 9 (2012/4)

Building Towers of Babel

With 11 articles, including:

  • The Colourful and Diverse World of Corporate UniversitiesDr Roland Deiser, Center of Future of Work
  • Developing Transformation Leadership Capacity Dr Jonathan Trevor and Richard Hill, Cambridge Judge Business School
  • The Challenge of Choosing the Right Chief Executive Chris Watkin, Hay Consulting
  • Strategy and Leadership in Harmony at Lonza AG and St Gallen Roddy Millar
Plus seven more…

Issue 8 (2012/3)

With 12 articles, including:

  • Addressing the Governance Gap – Organizational Democracy and Moral Communities David Butcher and Martin Clarke, Cranfield School of Management
  • The Leadership Credo – A Social Contract for Change Prof William Klepper and Yoshie Tomozumi Nakamura, Columbia Business School
  • Savoir-Relier – A Leadership Vision for a Complex World Dr Valerie Gauthier, HEC Paris
  • The Neuroscience of Trust – A Key to Leadership Prof Paul Brown and Susanne Jacobs
  • Visual Meaning as a Leadership Tool Julian Burton

Plus seven more…

Issue 7 (2012/2)

With 12 articles, including:

  • Positive Deviance – A New Kind of Leadership Dr Richard Pascale, Oxford Saïd Business School
  • The Financial Value of Great Leadership – Research from Deloitte Roddy Millar
  • Leveraging Diversity – Integrative Thinking in Cross-Functional Teams Dr Jennifer Riel, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto
  • A Psycho-Spiritual Approach to Leadership Development Dr Karin Jironet and Harry Stein, DeBaak.
Plus eight more…

Issue 6 (2012/1)

With 12 articles, including:

  • Global Leaders for Tomorrow – World Economic Forum (WEF) Fellowship Program
  • Introverted Leaders – the Right Mentors for MillennialsJennifer Kahnweiler
  • Taking a Team to the Top – the K2 Leadership ChallengeValenti Giro and Alfred Vernis, ESADE Business School
  • Generation Y – Attitude and Talent at Work Gina Eckert, Center for Creative Leadership
  • Question Time Michael Portillo talks to Tom Nash
Plus seven more…

Issue 5 (2011/3)

With 10 articles, including:

  • Liberating Leadership – Creating a Freedom and Responsibility Based Organization Prof Isaac Getz, ESCP Europe
  • Learning Environments – Innovative Workspaces for the 21st Century Garrick Jones
  • Time for a Rethink? – New Pathways for Executive Development Linda Aspey
  • Talent – The Holy Grail Within Ian Chisholm, Bradley Chisholm and Mark Bell
Plus six more…

Issue 4 (2013/2)

With 10 articles, including:

  • Exploring the Executive Education Eco-system – a review of the LBS and BCG report Peter Chadwick and Roddy Millar, Developing Leaders
  • From Leadership Point of View to Personal Brand Prof Dave Ulrich (Ross School of Business, University of Michigan) and Norm Smallwood (RBL Group)
  • Midlife Leaders: Crisis or Opportunity? Jock Encombe
  • Integrative Thinking – A Key to Successful Leadership Prof Roger Martin, Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto
Plus six more…

Issue 3 (2013/1)

With 11 articles, including:

  • Leadership – Is it in the Genes? Prof Richard Arvey, National University of Singapore (NUS)
  • Female Leadership – What Do Dante and Female Leaders Have in Common? Karin Jironet, DeBaak
  • Growing the Chairman’s Value – The Emerging New Role of the Top Leader Prof Ulf Lindgren, INSEAD
  • Building a Sustainable Business Culture Ramon Arratia
Plus seven more…

Issue 2 (2012/2)

With 8 articles, including:

  • Out of the Abyss – RBS Leadership Development Program
  • Theory U – Leading from the Future as it Emerges Prof Otto Scharmer and Katrin Kaufer, MIT and Presencing Institute
  • Leading Through Others – Empirical Research on What Makes an Outstanding Leader Penny Tamkin
  • Orchestrating Winning Performance – Executive Development at IMD
Plus four more…

Issue 1 (2012/1)

With 12 articles, including:

  • Looking at Leaders – A Plea for Realism in the Ivory TowerProf Tim Morris, Oxford Saïd Business School
  • New Learning for New World Mark Pegg, Ashridge Business School
  • Enduring Culture of Leaders – The Story of Three Hotel Founders Alan Cutler
  • The Role of Personal Enquiry in Leadership Deveopment – Building Integrity, Credibility and Sustainability in Your Organization Dr Eddie Blass and Prof Keith Randle, University of Hertfordshire.
Plus eight more…