Leadership: Is it in the Genes?

Issue 03

This issue of Developing Leaders brings a wide range of different flavoured idea seedlings to the fore. Ulf Lindgren spearheads some ideas a on reforming the role of the chairman as part of a series of articles he is writing on ‘Boards of the Future’. Prof Paddy Miller and Thomas Wedel-Wedellsborg at IESE show the greenness of their fingers by explaining how innovation is often best nurtured covertly. Fons Trompenaar looks at how the Servant-Leader can bring advantages across multicultural business spaces. And mark Bell and colleagues look at the perception of coaching and how words shape activity.

Key Articles

Female Leadership

Karin Jironet

What do Dante and female leaders have in common? The ability to lead others by first understanding themselves.

Leadership: Is it in the Genes?

Professor Richard D Arvey

The idea that leadership is either genetically or environmentally influenced is a false dichotomy.

Servant Leaders Across Cultures

Fons Trompenaars

The organization as a cultural context for leaders


Female Leadership

Exploiting Social Networks at Corporate Universities

Coach vs Mentor

Leadership Development

Growing the Chairman’s Value

Leadership: Is it in the Genes?

Building a Sustainable Business Culture


Enabling Outstanding Leadership

Leadership Professionals

Africa Focus

Angola Business School

Anatomy of a program

Innovators Shall Inherit the Earth


Copycats – Oded Shankar

The Lords of Strategy – Walter Kiechel III

Business Exposed – Freek Vermeulen

The Future of Leadership Development – Jordi Canals

Personal Brands – Roberto Alvarez del Blanco

Exec Ed News

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