New Perspectives on Neuroleadership

Issue 05

Leadership development is a process of behaviour change as much as knowledge acquisition – and ‘attitude’ and ‘experiential learning’ are at the core of such activities. In this issue Professor Paul Brown describes with brilliant clarity how the ‘brain mechanics’ impacts on our behaviour, introducing the ideas and terminology that will be commonplace in the sector in the coming years.

Key Articles

A View from the Mountains

Roddy Millar

A conversation with Winfried Ruigrok and Markus Frank of St Gallen Executive School of Management, Technology and Law

Neuroscience: New Science for New Leadership

Professor Paul Brown & Brenda Hales

The Centrality of Trust and Thinking Space for Leaders

Leadership Skills for the New Iraq

Tony Nelson & David Peel

A Program for College Deans


A View from the Mountains

Liberating Leadership: Creating a Freedom and Responsibility-based Organization

Authentic Conversations: An Antidote to ‘Fight or Flight’ Communication

Talent: The Holy Grail Within

Corporate Practice

Thomson Reuters Global Executive Program

Siemens: Transformation Through Leadership

Leadership Development

Neuroscience: New Science for New Leadership

Time for a Rethink? New Pathways for Executive Development

Leadership Skills for the New Iraq

Learning Environments: Innovative Workspaces for the 21st Century


The Hedgehog Effect – Manfred Kets de Vries

The Innovator’s DNA – Jeff Dyer, Hal Gregersen and Clyton M Christensen

Shine – Edward Hallowell

The Progress Principle – Teresa Amabile & Steven Kramer

Exec Ed News

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