The Curious Organization

Issue 39

In a complex world, and today’s world is very complex, the curious mindset is an essential requirement. However, how to foster and develop those mindsets is not easy. In this issue we examine how organizations can strengthen the curiosity of their employees and become ‘curious organizations’ in three articles from a senior executive – Simon Brown, CLO at Novartis, Stefaan van Hooydonk of the Curiosity Institute and our Africa Editor, Saar Ben-Attar in conversation with Mxolisi Mgojo – on how curiosity has propelled and grown in different organizations.
We also take a look at the role of Collective Leadership, the impact of executive’s backgrounds and experiences have on their leadership style, and how to best manage political issues from an organizational standpoint – along with plenty other topics – we are sure there is something here for everyone.

Key Articles

Building a Curious Organization

Roland Deiser in conversation with Simon Brown

CLO of global pharma giant, Novartis – and co-author of The Curious Advantage – shares how curioisty lies at the heart of the Novartis culture, and how they create the conditions for it to grow. Article starts on page 6.

The Social CEO

Henrik Cronqvist and Désirée-Jessica Pély

Drawing on their extensive research on executive, principally CEO, backgrounds, the authors shine a light on how different life experiences have a measurable and demonstrable effect on their leadership styles. Article starts on page 66.

Human Capital Accounting

Bay Jordan

We all know that CEOs say ‘our employees are our greatest asset’ – and yet they do not appear on the corporate balance sheet. Bay Jordan examines the impact this has on our attitudes to hiring and firing and investing in our employees – and what we can do about it. Article starts on page 50.


Editor’s Letter

Building a Curious Organization

Curiosity: A Leadership Trait for Dynamic Times

Igniting an Ecosystem of Curiosity

Human Capital Accounting

The Social CEO

The Trouble with Executive Development

Collective Leadership

Winning Businesses Must Tackle Politics

Lifelong Learning and University-Based Business Schools

Refining the Solution to an Emotional Muddle


Idea #634 – Learning Power: Learners Must Take Control

Idea #396 – How to Limit Ambiguity of Responsibility and Learn from Failure

Idea #656 – Reading Group Emotions Is Key to Transformational Leadership


A New Way to Think

Curious Minds


Uncommon Accountability

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